Thoughts after week 2 of the R.A.N.T. revamp…

It’s truly been a blessing. The dopest part of the show for me, is being able to reconnect, rebuild, and reestablish relationships with friends from my past, in a way that’s organic and authentic. And it’s allowed me the opportunity to have a gauge of the ways I’ve matured in my thinking, and a realization that, my co-hosts in some shape, form, or fashion helped me in elevating my frame of mind and widening my perspective.

To everyone who has participated in these 2 episodes, I truly appreciate your time and your mind. The rapport that is developing is refreshing to be a part of, I preciate you all for your individual and collective contributions.

To those who I’ve reached out to, who haven’t been on yet, I know how hectic schedules can be. Just know you always got an open invitation.

To all that have shared feedback, constructive criticism, advice, and suggestions; I appreciate it. Keep it coming. I truly intend to make HOLGangRadio a show for the people, by the people, so keep it a buck. Sensitive niccas shouldn’t want a platform anyway, respectfully.





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